Geckos and Anoles of Acadiana Park

Family Gekkonidae

Mediterranean Gecko - Hemidactylus turcicus

A nocturnal cream to brown lizard with dark spots. Its stomach looks translucent. It has large lidless eyes, vertical pupils, and toes with large pads. Maximum length is 5 inches, 127mm. Gecko's are indigenous to the Mediterranean and came to Louisiana via cargo ships. During the day it hides in any crack or crevice it can find. It comes out at night to feed on insects. They have the same basic diet as Green Anole Lizards but the Gecko is nocturnal not diurnal like the Green Anole Lizard. The Mediterranean Gecko has its own ecological niche and has not encroached on another's niche. Common in the park.

Family Iguanidae

Green Anole - Anolis carolinensis

A lizard that can change colors from green to brown. Often called a chameleon but it is not related to the chameleon. Maximum length is 8 3/16 inches, 208mm. Males extend a red throat pouch for display. Primarily feed on insects. Very common in the park.

All photos courtesy of Brad M. Glorioso.

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